It all started with a Nestle break-and-bake chocolate chip pack…

But that was over two years ago. Now, I can say I understand that “fold” does not refer to folding your apron neatly, but a technique that could lead to carpal tunnel (if taken to the extreme).

To be clear, I am not a “ baking sensei.” The name derives from seeking various “senseis” through blogs, cookbooks, and friends throughout 2016. The goal that year: learn how to bake. In those twelve months, I tested recipes that made me rethink my New Year’s goal, learned techniques that I could not pronounce, and accumulated ingredients that would only be used once.

Three years later...the baking continues. However, the intention different this time. Instead of focusing on the “how to” aspect of baking, the focus is on the experience. Experience in the process and experience when sharing with others.